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Mywis STEAM Challenge


为了让学生们可以在疫情期间也能发挥他们的新颖创意思维,Mywis Academy在6月份进行了第一届STEAM Challenge挑战赛,并且在7月10日举办了总决赛!总决赛当天的评审团包括来自博特拉大学 (UPM) 高级讲师也是国家STEM中心 (Pusat STEM Negara)的Dr Mohd Hazwan Mohd Puad和马来西亚理工大学 (UTM) 电气工程的高级讲师 Dr Fazilah Binti Hassan。

Dr Hazwan表示参赛者们都展示了非常优秀的项目和出色的想法,并且表现出对STEAM的了解和可以创造性地去操作这些出色的想法去创作!她呼吁参赛者们可以继续去探索所呈现的作品,通过思考和改良把自身的作品提升到另一个更高的层次!

总决赛的胜出者是来自太平的Aaron(高年级组)和巴生的Boston (低年级组)。

这一次的Mywis STEAM Challenge挑战赛只公开给Mywis Academy的学生参与,吸引了来自巴生、太平和新山的学生参赛,主要是让学生们有一个平台可以发挥他们的才能,研发更多可以改善现今生活的设备!该教育中心每年会举办两次这种类型的STEAM Challenge挑战赛,希望可以通过有趣好玩的学习方式激发学生们的学习欲望!

学习原本就是一个好玩又有趣的探索过程,大胆创新的教学突破了传统无趣的学习方式,Mywis Academy的STEAM项目式探索性的学习方式大大帮助提升学生的学习兴趣。现代的家长都希望自己的孩子在未来可以成为一位出色的领导人;除了学术成绩标青之外,综合能力与创意思维也不能少!

Mywis Academy每个月会举办两场的线上STEAM工作坊,如果家长们也想让你的孩子体验STEAM学习的乐趣,可以联系Mywis Academy的营运总监Amise 018-2239319报名。每场工作坊会做一个STEAM项目,一共准备了6个STEAM项目等你的孩子来体验,每个项目都让孩子们通过动手实践去学习。

你的孩子也有机会参与下一次的Mywis STEAM Challenge,携手培养他们成为伟大的发明家、未来出色的领导人,成为一个懂得寻找方法和方案去解决问题的人!

Mywis Academy held its first STEAM Challenge in June, and the finals on July 10th. The objective of the challenge is to allow students to use their innovative and creative thinking during the epidemic. The juries of the finals were Dr. Mohd Hazwan Mohd Puad, a representative from Pusat STEM Negara, who is a senior lecturer from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Dr. Fazilah Binti Hassan, who is a senior lecturer from University Technology Malaysia (UTM).

Dr. Hazwan said that the contestants showed excellent projects and outstanding ideas, and demonstrated an understanding of STEAM. They can creatively manipulate these outstanding ideas to create new products. He called on the contestants to continue to explore the works presented, through creative thinking and constantly improve to elevate one’s own work to another level.

The winners of the finals were Aaron from Taiping (Senior Group) and Boston from Klang (Junior Group).

This time, the Mywis STEAM Challenge is only open to students of Mywis Academy, and had attracted students from Klang, Taiping and Johor Bahru. The event allowed students to have a platform to use their talents, research and develop more equipment that can improve today’s lives. The education center will host this type of STEAM Challenge twice a year. They hope to stimulate students’ desire to learn through fun.

Learning is originally a fun and interesting process of exploration. The bold and innovative teaching breaks through traditional and uninteresting learning methods. Mywis Academy’s STEAM project-based exploratory learning method, greatly enhance students’ interest in learning. Today’s parents want their children to be outstanding leaders of the future, in addition to academic achievements, comprehension abilities and creative thinkers.

Mywis Academy holds two online STEAM workshops every month. Student will do a STEAM project in each workshop. There are a total of 6 STEAM projects for your child to experience. Each project allows children to learn through hands-on practice.

Your child will also have the opportunity to participate in the next Mywis STEAM Challenge. Let’s work together to train them to become great inventors, the outstanding leaders of the future, and become a person who knows how to find ways and solutions to solve problems.

Parents, if you want your children to experience the fun of STEAM learning, you can contact the Operations Director of Mywis Academy, Amise at 018-2239319 for more information.

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