Fun Activities

Fun Activities

STEAM Project-based Learning 项目性学习

Mywis believe that “Every child has the potential to succeed”, “Curiosity is the unique maker for success”. We are nurturing child’s curiosity through Mywis ACTIVATION Programme, Mywis has 36 hands on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics projects that will wow your children.

Mywis相信“每个孩子都有成功的潜力”,“好奇心是成功的唯一因素”。 我们通过Mywis ACTIVATION课程来培养孩子的好奇心,Mywis拥有36个包括科学、技术、工程、艺术和数学的项目,这些项目会让你的孩子赞叹不已。

SCORE 100 Assessment 线上测评

  • 5 main subjects’ assessment are included
  • Keep track on students’ progress
  • Targeted to strengthen weak subjects
  • Learn to create questions, think like a teacher<br>
  • 包括学校5大学科
  • 掌握学生学习进度
  • 针对性加强比较弱的学科
  • 学习提出问题,像老师一样思考

3 Languages Reading 三语阅读

    • Increase vocabulary to enhance independence reading ability
    • Develop students reading habit
    • Able to read the question of the Score 100
    • Able to read and understand the instruction of STEAM learning
    • Able to use language for presentation and sharing
  • 增加词汇量以提高自主阅读能力
  • 培养学生的阅读习惯
  • 能够阅读SCORE 100的问题
  • 能够阅读和理解STEAM的学习指导
  • 能够使用语言进行演讲和分享

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