Unique Teaching Methodology

John Deway - Modern Educational Philosopher

Mywis educational philosophy was influenced by the famous American educator, John Dewey’s philosophy and theory, emphasizing on:

    • the application of knowledge and hands-on experiences
    • student-centered learning environment
    • the development of moral values

Introduction of ACTIVATION Programme

  • Ability
  • Character Building
  • Technology
  • Inventor
  • Value
  • Artistic Appreciation
  • Talent
  • Intelligence
  • Organization Skills
  • Nature Awareness

STEAM Project-based Learning

Mywis believe that “Every child has the potential to succeed”, “Curiosity is the unique maker for success”. We are nurturing child’s curiosity through Mywis ACTIVATION Programme, Mywis has more than 120 hands on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics projects that will wow your children.


Through learning Robotics, students can read and understand instruction precisely. They identify the mechanical parts, able to install the robot parts, learn coding and program the robot using coding.

Students learn how to observe and analyse; through trial and error, make the necessary correction. Students also train to have problem solving skills, high-order thinking skills and learn to work together in a team.

3 Languages Reading Series

    • Increase vocabulary to enhance independence reading ability
    • Develop students reading habit
    • Able to read the question of the Score 100
    • Able to read and understand the instruction of robotic and STEAM learning
    • Able to use language for presentation and sharing

Potential Development Activities (PDA)

Mywis Academy Potential Development Activities mainly to develop student’s high order thinking skills and creativity.

Parenting Activities

We understand that parents nowadays are busy with their career and sometime may not be able to spend time with their children. To ensure good relationship between parents and children, Mywis will organize parenting activities at least 4 times a year. Activities like family sport day, STEAM project, Concert Day, Parenting Seminar/Workshop helps parents to build good relationship with their children.