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Founded in 2007, Mywis Port Klang is a day care centre for primary school children aged 7-12. Mywis's philosophy was inspired by John Dewey, an American Philosopher. We are using student-centered learning approach through hands-on activities. Experiential learning is very important for our students to learn effectively. Mywis believe that “Every child has the potential to succeed”,“Curiosity is the unique maker for success”. We also nourish our students with moral values, which will guide their behaviour and action.

Our Vision : Raising a generation of leaders with decency in both creativity and morality

Our Mission : Activate the limitless potential of every child and empower them to create a world of tomorrow

Our Culture : Continuous learning, continuous innovations and continuously inspirations.

Mywis Port Klang 成立于2007年,是一所7-12岁的小学安亲班 。Mywis受启发于John Dewey(美国哲学家)的教育理论。我们透过“动手实践”的学习方式,以学生为主的学习环境,体验式的学习才能 让学生更有效的学习。Mywis 坚信“每个孩子都有成功的潜能”,“好奇心是成功的关键因素”。我们也采用道德价值观来栽培孩子,来指导他们的行为和行动。


Mywis's day care service including (我们的服务包括) :

- Homework coaching (功课班) (powered by Cleverlogy)

- STEAM projects (STEAM项目)

- School subjects revision (SSR) (学校课程辅助班) (powered by Cleverlogy)

- 3 languages reading (三语阅读)

- Score100 online assessment ( 线上测评)

Other activities (其他活动):

- Parenting activities  (亲子活动 )

- Yearly activities such as annual concert, carnival activities, holiday camp, competition, education trip ( 长年活动, 比如表演,嘉年华,假期营,比赛,教育旅程)

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2, Jalan Aur, Taman Sungai Aur, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor (青年华小隔壁)



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