Mywis Bukit Tinggi


Mywis Bukit Tinggi

Founded in 2009, Mywis Bukit Tinggi is an academy for Primary School Empowerment for children aged 7-12 and Parenting Programme. We use the latest Western teaching methods to bridge what is lacking in the current education system; we wish to provide a more suitable learning environment for students’ improvement.

Our mission is to activate students’ inner potential to develop high quality leaders for the future. While maintaining current academic expectations, we want to broaden students’ horizon by introducing advanced technology and personality development. Continuous Learning, We foster our students to become future leaders who love learning and capable thru a culture of Continuous Innovations and Continuously Inspirations.

Mywis Bukit Tinggi 成立于2009年,是一所专为7-12岁儿童设立的小学辅助与亲子教育学苑。我们采用最前卫的西方教学法来辅助本土教育系统的不足,希望提供一个更合适的学习环境让学生突破和成长。

我们的使命是激活学生的内在潜能,培养高素质的未来领导者。 我们融入高科技来拓宽学生的视野,同时保持现有的学术水平和人格的发展。我们秉持着持续学习、持续创新和持续激励的文化来办教育,培育我们中心的学生成为热爱学习和具备能力的未来领导人。


012-898 9435 (Ms Tee)


2, Lorong Batu Nilam 13N, 41200 Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.